Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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How often should I groom my dog?

It is best to have your dog groomed every 6 weeks, here’s why:

Every 3 weeks (21 days) an animal sheds a layer of skin.

Every 6 weeks he sheds his coat and new hair grows in.

So in 6 weeks the groomer is washing away 2 layers of shed skin and one cycle of shed hair.

My Dog Has Dry Itchy Skin, Why?

This is a difficult question to answer as there are many reason why their skin may be dry and itchy. The first thing to remember is an animal’s skin is just likes ours, it needs moisturizing too. Their skin needs proper care, such as bathing on a regular basis and then using a conditioner EVERY TIME they are shampooed. A Good Groomer can help you access the needs of your pet and their skin issues, remember Health Is Beauty.

Nails Trimmed?

Dogs and Cats have nails that grow continuously. If not trimmed on a regular basis, every 6 weeks, the nails could grow long enough to penetrate into the paw pad causing pain and infection.

Does My Cat need Grooming?

ABSOLUTELY! But I thought a cat groomed themselves? Cats lick themselves or the top layer anyway ingesting all the lose hair causing hairballs. They leave behind all the dead skin and hair that is trapped underneath. This build of skin and hair helps contribute to matting.

I Thought Cats Hate Water?

A Myth. While it’s true Cats may not enjoy getting wet, they will usually tolerate a bath just fine. Grooming your Cat on a regular basis has many advantages to both the Cat and the owner. For the Cat grooming eliminates the grease buildup along with the dead skin and hair. For the Owner, grooming means less shedding, no more nasty hairball surprises, no more mats to comb out and best of all it helps with allergies to Cat Dander.