Dog Boarding

Leaving town?

Julie&Rick have safe, secure boarding for your pets till you return. 

(We have pets too)

OB,Squirt & Charlie Thumbs

We purposely built a small kennel (5 large dog units and 6 small units).

1st&2nd Floor

The building is climate controlled both winter and summer.

Heat/AC in kennel

Video monitored.  The 5 big units enjoy private gravel runs approx. 6’x45’ each with their own dog door.

Room with a View
Private Runs

We also have a fenced 1/3 acre for romping under supervision.  Smaller dogs will be frequently taken out for “business”.

 Personal experience and owner testimonies have taught us.  Great care will be taken to keep animals separated unless they are a “family”.

Fenced in area

When staying with us please bring a bed/blanket, a favorite toy and their familiar food. We will do the rest.  $28 per night.

Give us a call 541 419 3426

Kitty Boarding coming soon